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  Plates and Figurines

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Please note that these thumbnail pictures do not appear in the same proportion. Smaller figurines will look large... and the larger ones will look small. Always CLICK ON to see an enlargement of the picture.





(N-2295) WINTER’S DAY PLATE First of the holiday plate series $45.00


(N-2767) 1990 AMERICAN TRADITION PLATE Second of holiday series, artist Susan Sampson, numbered, only 25 firing days $35.00



(N-3034) 1991 SEASON'S BEST Third of holiday series, numbered, 25 firing days. $25.00
(N-3440) 1992 PERFECT CHRISTMAS Fourth of holiday series, numbered, 25 firing days. $25.00


(N-4002) 1993 SPECIAL DELIVERY Fifth of the holiday series.  Hard to find! $50.00


  1994 HOMETOWN HOLIDAY Sixth of the holiday series $30.00


1995 LIGHTING THE WAY HOME Seventh of the holiday series, numbered $30.00
(N-5778) 1996 AMERICAN HOMESTEAD   Eighth of the holiday series, numbered $30.00


(N-5779) 1997 HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS   $30.00
(N5780) 1998 GRANTS FARM HOLIDAY $30.00




(N-9000) 2001 HOLIDAY AT THE CAPITAL $30.00
BudPlate2002.jpg (56944 bytes) (N-9001) 2002 HOLIDAY PLATE   OUT
2003Plate.jpg (75853 bytes) (N9002)  2003 HOLIDAY PLATE $25.00
(N9004)  2004 HOLIDAY PLATE


(N9101)  2005 HOLIDAY PLATE The Clydesdales by moonlight art. $25.00


2006BudHolidayPlate.jpg (25762 bytes) (N9103)  2006 HOLIDAY PLATE Sunset at the Stables



(N15944)  2007 HOLIDAY PLATE "Winter's Calm" $25.00
2008HolidayPlate.jpg (91481 bytes)


"75 Years of Proud Tradition $25.00


2009PlateBudweiser.jpg (70531 bytes) 2009 HOLIDAY PLATE $29.00


2010BudweiserHolidayPlate.jpg (73627 bytes)



2011BudweiserHolidayPlate.jpg (121693 bytes)

2011BudweiserHolidayPlateBack.jpg (63859 bytes)

2011 HOLIDAY PLATE $35.00


2012BudweiserHolidayPlate.jpg (108727 bytes)

2012BudweiserHolidayPlateBack.jpg (102965 bytes)


 very scarce!




2013BudweiserHolidayPlate.jpg (213727 bytes)

2013BudweiserHolidayPlateBack.jpg (93644 bytes)

2013 HOLIDAY PLATE $25.00


(N-2615) 1990 BUDDIES PLATE First in series, featuring two puppies in an old Anheuser-Busch bottle case, numbered, only 25 firing days $45.00


(N-3005) 1991 SIX PACK PLATE Second in series, featuring six dalmatian pups in a beer wagon, numbered, only 25 firing days. $45.00



(N-3147) 1992 SOMETHING'S BREWING PLATE Third in series, featuring three lab puppies chewing on hunting cap, numbered, only 25 firing days. $25.00


(N-4003) 1993 OUTSTANDING IN THEIR FIELD Fourth and final in the "Man's Best Friend" series featuring two Springer Spaniel puppies. Only 25 firing days.   OUT
(N-3477) 1992 1893 COLUMBIAN EXPOSITION PLATE First in Archives series limited to 25 firing days  OUT
(F1)  HORSEPLAY FIGURINE 2nd in series of porcelain bisque figurines 

                         Was $65.00





(N4575) 1994 BUDDIES FIGURINE 1st in a series of porcelain bisque puppy figurines $65.00



(F4)  BUD-WEIS-ER FROG FIGURINE   cast in resin  $29.00
(F8)  FREE RIDE FIGURINE   cast in resin $29.00  
(F11)  A & EAGLE, 1872-1890's FIGURINE  designed by Don Curran $29.00  
(F12)  BEVO FOX FIGURINE  designed by Don Curran $29.00  
(F13)  FULL PARADE DRESS FIGURINE  designed by Don Curran $29.00  
(F16)  ca. 1886 A&EAGLE FIGURINE  designed by Don Curran $29.00  
(F18)  PARADE DRESS PALS FIGURINE   Bronze color  $39.00  
   Picture Coming soon! (F19)  RUNNING FREE MARE & FOAL FIGURINE  $39.00  
Picture Coming soon! (F25)  MARE & FOAL BRONZE BUST FIGURINE  $59.00  
ScottishFarmer.jpg (61341 bytes) (CLYD7)  SCOTTISH FARMER FIGURINE $60.00  
BuddiesTavern1.jpg (116747 bytes) ( L2217 )  BUDDY'S TAVERN  FIGURINE  Produced by Lilliput Lane. Hand-painted in fine detail. This figurine measures 3 1/2 inches tall, 2 7/8 inches in width, and 2 3/8 inches in depth. $35.00



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HolidayScene60%.jpg (90004 bytes) BraidingForParade.jpg (85254 bytes) ClydesdaleFootball.jpg (73463 bytes)

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