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Artist Signing Event 2004
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We want to thank everyone that attended our special Artist Signing Event for the Anheuser-Busch Collectors Club. This event took place on Saturday September 25, 2004.

We will be posting pictures that were taken on that memorable day!  If anyone attended and took pictures, we would love to see them. We'd even post pictures to this web page if you would like to share them with other site visitors. Please let us know if you have photos!




Click on the small photos below to see these pictures in full size

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Click on the small photos above to see these pictures in full size





    Jim Wainwright and Don Curran

Meet these great artists and have 

your steins signed at our store!


    "Bevo Fox Special Event stein"   Designed by Jim Wainwright, "Bevo Fox" celebrates one of the best-loved icons found at the Anheuser-Busch Brewery complex in St. Louis, Missouri.  Anheuser-Busch advises us that only 3000 steins will be produced.

Limited Quantity still available.    $75.00

Give us a call to purchase your stein today!


Those that were "pre-registered" were entered in a drawing for many  steins, signs and gift certificates.  Pictured at the right are just some of the items that were given away:


Also, everyone attending received at least one "green ticket" for many additional raffle prizes. All-in-all, over 90 raffle prizes were given away totaling well over $1500.00 in retail value.


WolfHeadAngle67%.jpg (47830 bytes)        






Where will the artist signings take place??  we have been asked

BackParkingLot1.jpg (238903 bytes) (click to enlarge)

The signing will take place outside in the large back lot of our building. We will have two large tents set up.

There will be tables and seating for over 125 collectors!

A professional DJ will be keeping everyone entertained from 10 AM to ???

 Food and refreshments will be available on site!



To prevent long lines and  provide a "relaxed" atmosphere, we have planned a numbered wristband system:

Each collector and guests were issued a wristband with a number. 



Today, (Thursday September 23, 2004)

Look!  The tents are up and the BEER TRAILER is here!!!

Come visit us for Hospitality on Friday and Saturday and Sunday!

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(Click on each picture to see an enlarged view)

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Where do we park?

We have arranged for parking directly across the street from our building.  It is a fairly busy highway, so we have arranged for a Police Officer to help stop traffic for safe crossing.

This is our driveway. Our neighbors across the street were very kind to allow us to use this parking area during the day of our Artist Signing event.


Shown below are more pictures of our building and store.

  ParkingLot3.jpg (51428 bytes)  Driveway1.jpg (50120 bytes)  P1010011.JPG (197456 bytes)


Click the above photos to enlarge!!



Suggestions on things to bring or to do:

I have been to several artist signings over the years and here are some ideas you might want to consider.


  •  A small suitcase with roller wheels, (like a carry-on bag size) to carry your steins.


  •  If you don't have a  "rolling suitcase", a small wheel-cart might be helpful.


  •  Some collectors choose to bring their steins loose without the gift box. This allows quick, easy access to your steins and reduces the time to unpack and repack while in the artist lines. Wrapping each stein in one large soft towel or one large sheet of bubble-wrap is a good idea. It is not a good idea to use several small pieces of bubble wrap or newspaper, as this becomes hard to work with.

  • umbrella, in case of rain. We have tents to stay under, but there is a walking distance to where your vehicle will be parked.


  • hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, light jacket


  • identify your steins with your name using a specific color and style sticker. If bringing your steins with their gift boxes, it is wise to also put a sticker on each box.





Shown below:    listings of steins designed and/or created by the two artists.

Anheuser-Busch Steins Designed and/or Illustrated by Don Curran
Don will sign up to 3 steins per person at our signing event.


Don Curran


CB6 The Budweiser Girls, Historical Reflections - 1997 Members Only
CB8 Early Delivery Days - 1998 Members Only
CB11 Clydesdale Stable - 1999 Members Only
CB20 Budweiser 125th Anniversary (Pewter Stein)
CS300   "Martha"
CS331 "The Hugenhots"
CS373 "Siegfried"
CS359 Stein and Tin I
CS390 Stein and Tin II
CS408 Stein and Tin III
CS311 1900-1919
CS335 1920-1939
CS342 1940-1959
CS383 1960-1979
CS387 1980-1999
CS486 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396
CS519 1976 Firebird Trans Am
CS566 1970 Plymouth Hemi 'Cuda
CS318 American Worker I
CS336 American Worker II
CS353 American Worker III
CS524 1890s Budweiser Barrel Wagon Stein
CS414    Celebrating the Millennium
CS431 The University of Missouri
CS444 The Budweiser Clydesdales
CS485 Salt Lake 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Premier Edition Stein
CS374 Elvis '68 Comeback Special (unlidded)
CS375 Elvis '68 Comeback Special (lidded)
CS392 Vintage Holiday Vending Machine (Coca-Cola)
CS393 COKE On Ice
CS419 Coca-Cola Musical Christmas Tree
F11 A&Eagle, 1872-1890s Figurine
F12 Bevo Fox Figurine
F13 Full Parade Dress Figurine



Anheuser-Busch Steins Designed and/or Illustrated by Collectors Club Artist Jim Wainwright

Jim will sign up to 3 steins per person (per trip through the line) at our signing event.

Jim Wainwright


CB13/CB13C   5th Anniversary Stein
CB14 2000 Membership Stein: "Born to Greatness"
CB17 2001 Membership Stein "Living The Legacy"
CB21 2002 Membership Stein "Busch's Inn"
CB23 2002 Evolution of the A&Eagle Series "1872 & 1886-1889" Stein
CB24 2003 Membership Stein "Historical Advertising 1936"
CB26 2003 Evolution of the A&Eagle Series "1890 & 1895-1898" Stein
CB28 2004 Membership Stein "100th Anniversary St. Louis World's Fair 1904-2004"
CB29 2004 Members Only Stein "World Famous Clydesdales"
CB30 2004 Evolution of the A&Eagle Series "1933-1939 & 1975+"
CS320 Budweiser Toolbelt
CS321 Fire Fighter's Boot
CS322 Budweiser Boxing Glove
CS323 Frankenstein Character
CS324 Dalmatian Character
CS326 Bald Eagle Character
CS344 Louie The Lizard Character
CS351 1998 World Cup
CS360 NASCAR 50th Anniversary (Lidded)
CS371 NASCAR 50th Anniversary
CS372 Louie & Frank
CS386 Clydesdale at Home
CS401 Budman 30th Anniversary Character
CS415 1,000 Years of Progress-2000 A.D.
CS422 Ferret Takes Center Stage
CS428 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
CS424 Bluebird (Stein Design)
CS434 Robin (Stein Design)
CS435 Red-Winged Blackbird (Stein Design)
CS437 Meadowlark (Stein Design)
CS450 Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (Lidded)
CS459 Hitch Prospect, Budweiser Champion Series
CS461 Budweiser Draught Tower Stein
CS463 Columbia Stein, St. Louis Brew House Mosaics 1893
CS471 Run For The Moment (Stein Design)
CS483 2001 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
CS495 Pewter Barrel Stein
CS496 Budweiser 125th Anniversary Stein "A Tradition of Brewing Excellence 1876-2001"
CS501 Anheuser-Busch Pre-Prohibition Beer
CS502 2002 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
CS505 The Chosen One, Budweiser Champion Series
CS506 Generations (Stein Design)
CS520 Winter Stein, Malt Nutrine 1906 Calendar Series (Stein Design)
CS521 St. Louis Brewery Icons
CS530 "A Proud Heritage" 2002 International Gift & Collectible Expo Exclusive Event Stein
CS536 Anticipation (Stein Design)
CS542 Budweiser Draught Tower II Stein
CS555 Member of the Team, Budweiser Champion Series
CS558 Tradition of Quality Stein
CS557 Spring Stein, Malt Nutrine 1906 Calendar Series (Stein Design)
CS583 Summer Stein, Malt Nutrine 1906 Calendar Series (Stein Design)
CS394 Santa Character
  Historical Slogans Series
CS399 First Edition (Stein Design)
CS451 Second Edition (Stein Design)
CS490 Third Edition (Stein Design)
  Early Illustrators Series
CS400 First Edition (Stein Design)
CS491 Second Edition (Stein Design)
CS517 Third Edition (Stein Design)
CS395 Elvis Gold & Platinum Records (Stein Design)
SOPOST99 Evolution of the Budweiser Label, 1891-1918
SOPOST2000 Evolution of the Budweiser Label, 1920-1939
N5511 Budweiser Chip Hanauer
N5512 Budweiser Kenny Bernstein
N5510 Budweiser Ken Schrader
SO86506 Rumble on the River
N3264 Spencer Gifts' Christmas Meeting
SO87889 United Way 1996 Fair Share
N5833/SO88951   Michelob 100th Anniversary
SO89364 United Way 1997 Fair Share
SO89214 Madison Wooden Boat Festival
SO89388 Mardi Gras 1997
SO9923 United Way 1998 Fair Share
GM24 Duck Hunt, Winchester Hunt Series
GM27 Quail Hunt, Winchester Hunt Series


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