CoronaParrot7in.jpg (63398 bytes)   Corona Parrot Character stein.       $189.00   AVAILABLE    (See Corona page to order)
toucan5[1].jpg (14560 bytes)   Corona Toucan Character stein.      $199.00    AVAILABLE    (See Corona page to order)
CoronaJaguar7in.jpg (67221 bytes)

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  Corona Jaguar Character stein.    $179.00


CoronaOctopus7in.jpg (76327 bytes)   Corona Octopus Character stein.     AVAILABLE    (See Corona page to order)
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Armadillo7in.jpg (70442 bytes)   Armadillo Character stein          SOLD OUT
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CoronaSeaTurtle7in.jpg (73666 bytes)   Sea Turtle stein             SOLD OUT
CoronaMaCaw75%.jpg (87254 bytes)  Corona Macaw character stein       SOLD OUT
HornedToadTop.jpg (63097 bytes)   Horned Toad Character stein       SOLD OUT 



  Parrot with Palm Tree  Character stein 

                                             SOLD OUT

CoronaPirateParrotAngle.jpg (52391 bytes)  CoronaPirateParrotRight.jpg (59655 bytes)  

  Pirate Parrot  Character stein 

                                              SOLD OUT


CoronaPirateParrotNewWeb.jpg (47689 bytes)

CoronaPirateParrotBottomNew.jpg (81602 bytes)

  Pirate Parrot  character stein  (reissue)    SOLD OUT

Porcelain, hand painted figural decoration. The focus of the 4th edition re-issue to the Corona series is the Pirate Parrot. The parrot is seen standing on a sandy beach holding open a treasure chest full of jewels, gold, and Coronas. He is wearing a Corona shirt along with his pirate garb including eye patch and head scarf. The handle is sculpted as a wooden pole wrapped with a rope and anchor.  Limited edition of 5,000 registered and individually numbered pieces. Official Licensed Product.  (Note different bottom stamp)

CoronaParrotBankFront.jpg (43054 bytes) CoronaParrotBankRight1.jpg (49540 bytes) "2007 Corona Parrot bank"     SOLD OUT
TikiStein.gif (44645 bytes)    Corona  "Tiki Hut"      $18.00  
CoronaTalaveraFront.jpg (58789 bytes) CoronaTalaveraRight.jpg (70549 bytes) CoronaTalaveraBottom.jpg (38125 bytes)

Corona Talavera stein   8 inches tall   $29.00  SOLD OUT