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We offer two ways to obtain our current catalog.  

  1. You may request a copy of our current catalog by sending us your name and address, along with 70 cents in stamps or coins to cover postage. 
  2. You may view and print out the catalog in Adobe Acrobat Reader format.  Please note that you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader applications in order to view this document. Most recent computers have this software installed already. If these pages do not open automatically, you can obtain Acrobat Reader by visiting Adobe's web site by clicking on this icon.     (There is no cost; it is a free download.)

Our Catalog is 16 pages. For this PDF file format, we have divided our catalog into eight groups of two pages each. These are listed below with short descriptions. Just click the small thumbnail photo of each to download the pages you would like.

ALL CATALOG PAGES ARE DATED AUGUST 2010  The download is somewhat obsolete, but will give you 

a general idea of what out current price catalog looks like.  It is best to request a copy to be sent in the U.S. Mail.


Download Catalog in groups of 

two pages each:

Download Catalog in groups of 

two pages each:

  Pages One and Sixteen   <-- Click --> 


Cover Letter, Newest Featured steins, Artist Signing Event steins 

  Pages Five and Twelve  <-- Click --

Budweiser steins with Wildlife themes, Dog steins, Other series from Budweiser, Coors steins, Miller steins,  Lone Star steins

  Pages Two and Fifteen   <-- Click -->  


Budweiser Holiday steins,  Clydesdales steins, NEWEST ISSUE steins from Anheuser-Busch / Budweiser,  Order Form

  Pages Six and Eleven  <-- Click -- >

Budweiser Racing steins, Car steins, State and Special Event mugs,  Post-Convention Employee steins, Jack Daniels items, Hamm's Salt & Pepper shaker sets

  Pages Three and Fourteen  <-- Click --> 

Anheuser-Busch Collectors Club steins, Character steins, Recently Retired steins, Steins retiring soon, German Character steins, Beer Stein Books, Ordering Information

  Pages Seven and Ten  <-- Click -->

Older CS-Number Anheuser-Busch / Budweiser steins, Ceramarte steins, Hamms steins, Pabst steins, Batman & Superman steins, Gift Certificate information

  Pages Four and Thirteen    <-- Click -->

Budweiser steins, Sports steins,  St Patrick Days, Oktoberfest, regional steins, Military series steins, shaped-theme steins, label steins, Corona steins, Corona Character steins, Coca-Cola steins, Looney Tune Character steins

  Pages Eight and Nine  <-- Click -->

Gerz Meisterwerke steins from Anheuser-Busch, Elvis steins, Laser Crystal from Anheuser-Busch, Plates and Figurines from Anheuser-Busch / Budweiser, Old Milwaukee, Heileman's Old Style steins, Strohs steins, Lone Star steins


Obtaining the most current printed copy of our Mail-Order Price Catalog is very easy:


The cost for Postage is 70 cents. (This is a 16-page catalog) Please send 70 cents in stamps or coins to:

Steinland Beer Stein Catalog

1070 Dundee Avenue Suite A

East Dundee, IL 60118


If you are looking for certain steins in particular, we would like to hear from you. Please send us an E-Mail description of the steins you would like to acquire. Throughout the nation, we have many sources for retired steins. If your requested steins are not currently in our inventory, we may be able to locate them for you.